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The Complete Guide to Driving EtiquetteTaking the Rules of the Road a Step Further. 1998, ISBN-13: 978-0-9658380-1-6 (ISBN-10: 0-9658380-1-3), 128 pages, 8.5" x 11", perfect bound soft cover $24.95

Gary Michael Smith

This unique book provides valuable information on how to remain well-mannered and polite while driving. A variety of driving contingencies is included to help motorists avoid potential incidents of driver aggression, commonly known as road rage. The Complete Guide to Driving Etiquette is the basis for a proclamation declaring Polite Driving Week endorsed and signed by the Governor for the State of Louisiana. Read excerpts from this book. As a bonus to help remind others of their role while on the road, a free Practice Polite Driving bumper stickerin the characteristic yield yellow and stop sign red road sign colors to match the cover of the bookis provided with the purchase of each book.

See the following editorials and articles:

        Editorial written for the March 2002 issue of Continuing Medical Education by editor Fred Sanders of the South African Medical Association in Cape Town, SA

        Article New Book Aims to Curb Bad Driving Habits published in the Southern District publication for the Institute of Transportation Engineers

        Article Driving Etiquette: Tips for Safer Drivers published in The Insurance Educator by the Insurance Education Foundation

        Article Book tells of bad tempers, burritos published in The Record in Tracy, CA

Purpose and Scope

        Structured to provide practical and common sense guidance for exhibiting good manners and practicing driving etiquette as well as showing respect for other drivers.

        Designed to provide tips and suggestions for kind and safe driving in a variety of environments.

        Developed as a guide to help motorists avoid and prevent incidents of driver aggression and road rage before they occur.

Partial List of Resources Researched and Referenced

        AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

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        Driving School Association of the Americas

        Federal Highway Administration

        Federal Railroad Administration

        Governors Highway Safety Association

        Highway Safety Research Center

        Insurance Education Foundation

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        Institute of Transportation Engineers

        Motor Vehicle Safety Association

        National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

        National Safety Council

        National Transportation Safety Board

        The Partnership for Safe Driving

        Transportation Research Board

        U.S. Department of Transportation


1 Why Driving Etiquette?

Defines etiquette, and justifies why motorists should be as polite while driving as in non-driving situations by offering specific rationale for courtesy while on the road.

2 Being Polite and Compassionate

Highlights driver virtues such as tolerance with and compassion toward older drivers, and recognizes the need for personal space and practicing random acts of motoring kindness.


3 Urban Driving

Addresses such issues as using turn signals, navigating intersections, obeying STOP signs, yielding, and observing vigilance with regard to traffic lights, changing lanes, railroad crossings, parking, and emergency vehicles.

4 Suburban/Residential Driving

Covers issues addressed in Chapter 3 as well as maneuvering around parked cars; driving in parking lots; and being on the alert for bicyclists, skateboarders, and inline skaters.

5 Interstate Driving

Gives advice on merging, proper use of headlights, passing, speed, cruise control, and dealing with tailgaters.

6 Rural Driving

Provides guidance on following distance, maneuvering through curves and hills, being aware of wildlife, practicing safety at railroad crossings, stopping on a roadway, and handling emergencies.

7 Off-Road Driving

Lists rules and regulations for safely operating two-, three-, and four-wheeled vehicles in off-road environments.


8 Dangerous Driving

Provides findings from case studies regarding the cause and implications of dangerous driving. Profiles specific behavior of the aggressive driver, what triggers such behavior, and how to personally protect yourself.

9 Controlling Road Rage: It Starts with You

Suggests how to avoid road rage by using techniques to neutralize potentially volatile situations.

Appendix A addresses sleep deprivation and the use of cellular telephones while driving.

Appendix B offers insights into specific dangers to pedestrians.

The Complete Guide to Driving Etiquette is available through your favorite bookstore. Or, use the order form to order directly from Chatgris Press. Need to think about it? Download the brochure.

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