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Gainfully Employed—A Guide to Job Hunting, Résumé Writing, and Effective Interviewing. 2006, ISBN-13: 978-1-930554-04-7 (ISBN-10: 1-930554-04-4), 186 pages, 6" x 9", trade paperback, $14.95 

Gary Michael Smith

This book provides valuable guidance on how to effectively shape your career by creating the perfect résumé, tracking down the right job, and interviewing professionally to get the job you have always wanted. Gainfully Employed is designed for both those entering the workforce for the first time as well as professionals with years of work experience wanting to get a new jobor a new career. Gainfully Employed guides job seekers through the résumé development process, job search tactics, and interviewing tricks. Readers will learn what it takes to get their dream job.


Whether you’re looking for your first job or have been working for years, Gainfully Employed provides much insight on everything from how to use a personal profile to develop a professional history to asking the right questions during an interview to ensure that you are a good match for the job. Inexperienced job seekers will learn how to find the job that is right for them, present their newly designed résumé tailored to the job, and conduct themselves face-to-face in the most professional manner. Experienced job seekers will gain more knowledge in redesigning their current résumé to be more effective, searching for jobs in venues of which they previously were unaware, and using their experience to look for red flags during an interview or to assure the interviewer that they are right for the job.


Review: “The author is obviously versed in the traditional processes of a job search methodology. The book explores thoroughly the steps for creating a résumé, searching for a job, and then completing an interview. Further, it is sprinkled with good tips and useful organizational tools. In fact, one of the positive elements of this book really centers on such tips. Smith shows nonacademic “street smarts” that other books seem to lack. One good tip is to check your employment history to be sure that current company names are used for previous employers. Another good tip is to tailor each cover letter to the respective position. A third is to “pare it down” when you are obviously overqualified for a position you are seeking. The “Profile template” provides a useful, 7-page layout for organizing the information to be included in your résumé. In addition, the book provides 10 pages of useful questions and consideration that might come up during the interview process. The idea to create addendum attachments to keep a base résumé size under control is terrific!” —Mark Hanigan, Book Reviewer, Technical Communication



Part One—The Résumé

1 The Professional History Defined

2 Personal Profile Template

3 Designing Your Résumé

4 Cover Letters and Letters of Recommendation

Part One defines the résumé and CV and teaches readers how to use a personal profile template to develop their most effective professional history. Much detail is provided on designing the résumé as well as creating the perfect cover letter. Suggestions for acquiring letters of recommendations also are addressed.

Part Two—Job Hunting

5 Job Search Tools

6 Job Options

7 Submitting Your Résumé

Part Two provides information on the tools and options available for effective job seeking, and how to submit your résumé to get the job you want.

Part Three—Effective Interviewing

8 The Interview

9 After the Interview

Part Three prepares the writer for what to expect during the interview and how to determine if the job is the right match for the person and the company. Post interview recommends tasks and responsibilities after the interview.

Back Cover Author Bio: Gary Michael Smith is a writer, educator, and lecturer based in New Orleans. As a former résumé writing franchise manager, he has written hundreds of résumés for job seekers ranging from minimum wage hourly workers to six-figure salaried professionals. Mr. Smith has lectured to state Department of Labor staff as well as university students on the topics of skillful résumé writing, methodical job seeking, and effective interviewing techniques. He has helped many find their perfect job.

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