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Getting GreaseA Guide to Effective Complaint Resolution and Consumer Protection. 2006, ISBN-13: 978-1-930554-06-1 (ISBN-10: 1-930554-06-0), 186 pages, 6" x 9", trade paperback, $14.95

Gary Michael Smith

We’ve all heard that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But is it true? You bet it is! And this informative and humorous guide will show you how to get greased like never before! Getting Grease is designed for anyone who feels they’ve been wronged or exploited and wants to make it right. Readers learn how easy it is to lube tight industries by communicating clearly, succinctly, and forcefully—if necessary.


Companies depend on comments and complaints from customers. That’s how they learn to provide better service and products. But many consumers are afraid to complain—or don’t take the time. Getting Grease contains 39 actual complaint letters and responses to show you how to quickly and effectively oil the wheels of business by articulating your concerns and experiences, stating the remedy you want, and taking the necessary action to get grease!




Getting Grease is a fine book. . . . I found useful. . . . Smith provides numerous examples of good letters. . . . a good gift for someone who likes to complain but who needs to improve his or her style, or someone who has back luck with products and lacks the confidence or wherewithal to write a letter. . . . strongly recommend his book. —Colleen Coleman, Technical Communication


Chapter One – Complaining as An Art Form

Reveals primary reasons why people whine and provides advice on how to get grease quickly and efficiently by understanding the dynamics of how companies view and handle complaints.

Chapter Two – The Pen As Your Weapon

Advises the reader how to lube that squeaky wheel by putting everything in writing to both help you focus as well as to preserve a good record of documentation. This chapter also reveals to whom you should send your missives and in what format. It also gives other avenues of resolution.

Chapter Three – Scenarios

Presents a plethora of scenarios with a variety of sample letters and responses for you to use to launch your own recommendations for dispute resolution.

Chapter Four – When Complaints Fall on Deaf Ears

Discusses the delicate issue of what to do when you get no grease and need to consider all possibilities ranging from Federal, state, and local government and private organizations to taking legal action.

Chapter Five – Responding to Results

Gives ideas on how to respond to results from your complaints to include providing testimonials and writing thank you letters and letters of commendation.

Chapter Six – When Complaining Isn't Appropriate

Explains how to handle issues where complaint letters are not necessary or appropriate. Sometimes, you can provide grease to others simply to oil their wheels of industry, which in turn helps us all.

The Suggested Reading section provides titles of a number of books and articles on the topic of improving service and response to your issues. Note that some titles are listed with booksellers as being out of print. These titles are listed nonetheless because it is my experience that some books still may be available directly from the publisher.

The Contacts section lists some commissions, councils, and associations that exist primarily as consumer protection and advocacy agencies. All contact information was current at the time this book went to press. However, if any information has changed, a quick search on the Internet will find current information.

Finally, the Index provides an easy cross-reference to specific key words and topics throughout the book.

Getting Grease is available through your favorite bookstore. Or, use the order form to order directly from Chatgris Press. Need to think about it? Download the Chatgris Press brochure.

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