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On-Demand Publishing—Strategies for Printing on Demand, Point of Purchase Book Manufacturing, and Virtual Publishing. 2005, ISBN-13: 978-1-930554-02-3 (ISBN-10: 1-930554-02-8), 146 pages, 8.5" x 11", three-ring binder $149.95 

Gary Michael Smith

This executive report provides unparalleled information on the various practices of printing short pressrun books and other materials. On-Demand Publishing is designed for both commercial publishers exploring other avenues for minimizing inventory and storage expenses, bringing older titles back into print, and reducing risk on new authors without a proven sales track record. Subsidy and self publishers also will find this study useful in learning about options for producing quality books that are professionally printed using the latest technology in the book short pressrun book printing industry. On-Demand Publishing guides publishers through the history of print on demand and the early innovators and their prototype machines to new publishing paradigms and the present state of print on demand. The economics of short pressrun publishing as well as virtual (electronic) publishing also are addressed.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to get that book between two covers or the mainstream commercial publishing executive wishing to increase profits as well as book lists, On-Demand Publishing provides rare and thoroughly researched data on everything from the three primary inventors and innovators of early print on demand equipment to processes and equipment used by those providing service to the commercial publishing industry and even to bookstores. Small publishers will learn how to keep costs down and provide products equivalent to larger presses, and large publishers will discover new methods for taking more publishing risks with new authors while reducing financial risk, eliminating costly storage for inventory on certain titles, and keeping titles in print indefinitely.


1 Printing on Demand


2 The Prototypes


3 Book Manufacturing Machines


4 Publishing Paradigms


5 The Present State of Print on Demand


6 The Economics of Print on Demand


7 Virtual Publishing

On-Demand Publishing is available by special order from your favorite bookstore. Or, use the order form to order directly from Chatgris Press. Need to think about it? Download the Chatgris Press brochure.

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