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Operating Procedures for Association Chapters and CommitteesDeveloping Usable Guidelines for Officers and Managers. 2001, ISBN-13: 978-1-930554-00-9 (ISBN-10: 1-930554-00-1), 83 pages, 6" x 9", trade paperback, $14.95

Gary Michael Smith

Another groundbreaking nonfiction text from Chatgris Press, Operating Procedures for Association Chapters and Committees is perhaps the only book of its kind to offer useful information and practical advice on developing and organizing a local chapter of an international professional society, association, or organization. This book addresses the procedures for organizing an administrative council by soliciting candidates for a slate of elected officers, developing committees and special interest groups, and appointing managers to oversee such entities. This one-of-a-kind text is divided into two parts and details roles and responsibilities of administrative council members who run the chapter, and the managers of the various committees who assist them.

Part 1 – Administrative Council/Chapter Officers

Part 1 provides detailed information on developing an administrative council of chapter officers and other elected officials. Section titles include:

        Administrative Council

        Chapter Officers


        Immediate Past President

        Vice President



Part 2 – Committees and Committee Managers, and Managers for Other Chapter Groups

Part 2 describes how to set up committees and appoint committee managers to serve a variety of organizational functions. Appointing other managers to provide support to the chapter also is addressed. Section titles include:


        Chapter and Committee Managers

        Program Committee

        Program Committee Manager

        Membership Committee

        Membership Committee Manager

        Employment Committee

        Employment Committee Manager

        Public Relations/Publicity Committee

        Public Relations/Publicity Committee Manager

        Nominating Committee

        Nominating Committee Manager

        Hospitality Committee

        Hospitality Committee Manager

        Education Committee

        Education Committee Manager

        Seminar Committee

        Seminar Committee Manager

        Bylaws Committee

        Bylaws Committee Manager

        Steering Committee

        Steering Committee Manager

        Ad Hoc Committee

        Ad Hoc Committee Manager

        Newsletter Editor


        Web Master

Operating Procedures for Association Chapters and Committees is available by special order from your favorite bookstore. Or, use the order form to order directly from Chatgris Press. Need to think about it? Download the brochure.

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