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Publishing for Small Press Runs

“Now available in an updated second edition, Gary Smith’s Publishing for Small Press RunsHow to Print and Market from 20 to 200 Copies of Your Book is a hard, candid, practical look at the serious obstacles to the economic viability of small press publishers. The most profound problem confronting the independent publisher or self-published author is that small presses lack economy of scale, i.e., they are publishing fewer numbers of their book(s) for a higher per unit cost. Informative and insightful chapters specifically address how to make the best of small press economic realities and still turn a healthy profit by carefully controlling costs. Publishing for Small Press Runs is an absolute “must” for self-publishers or executives of small presses who seek to profit from tens to hundreds of books, rather than the more traditional tens of thousands of copies traditionally produced by the large corporate publishing houses.” Midwest Book Review

“A Meticulous Manual for Micropublishers. This book is an essential edition to the small publisher’s library. Smith teaches self-publishing at the University of New Orleans and practices what he preaches. This book is best read before embarking on a small publishing project, then referred to as specific issues come up, such as dealing with postal authorities or manuscript prep for electronic publication. Highly recommended.” Steve O’Keefe, author of Publicity on the Internet and the Complete Guide to Internet Publicity: Creating and Launching Successful Online Campaigns

“Book Publishing Just Became Faster, Easier & Cheaper. Publishing for Small Press Runs is all about writing, producing, selling and promoting your book. The really exciting revelations are about the new electronic pre-press procedure, PDF formatting and digital printing. Gary takes you through the growth of independent publishing (there are 55,000 of us out here), how to set up your publishing business, how to get a copyright and otherwise protect your work, how to build your manuscript and, finally, ways to market your finished book. The book has lots of resources with Web URLs.” Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual

“You have a talent of writing where it’s like the writer (you) unfolds the information like an old friend leaning close to offer news, information, or a “story,” and takes it a bit further by standing by your side for more details later.  A living encyclopedia of self-publishing, right at your side! Hit the tops or press down for more detail! Nice work – nice....”Dale Bernelle

Entire review (498KB) by the Society for Technical Communication as it appeared in the journal Technical Communication.

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