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Writing for Magazines and Trade Journals—Finding Them, Writing for Them, Getting Paid by Them. 2006, ISBN-13: 978-1-930554-03-0 (ISBN-10: 1-930554-03-6), 234 pages, 6" x 9", trade paperback, $14.95

Gary Michael Smith

This book provides valuable information on entering the industry of writing for periodical publications. Designed for both the novice wanting to break into the field as well as veterans wanting to explore new venues, Writing for Magazines and Trade Journals guides writers through the myriad steps involved in writing articles for publication. Whether you’re new to the field of writing articles for publication or have many articles to your credit in numerous periodicals, Writing for Magazines and Trade Journals provides much insight on everything from finding venues for publication to writing results-oriented query letters. Inexperienced writers will learn effective research skills, writing techniques, and rights and permissions acquisition and negotiation while those already working in the industry will gain more experience in working effectively with editors, expanding their publications repertoire, and most importantly, getting paid.




Writing for magazines and trade journals includes information about virtually every aspect of the process of submitting articles to these types of publications. The book is well written, and Smith clearly has a great deal of experience. The fact that he has been both a writer and an editor gives him a well-balanced perspective on the publication process. Particularly outstanding is information about how to communicate with editors, from submitting an article, to revision, acceptance, and publication. Smith outlines the different types of editors a writer can expect to work with and the ways that communication can differ between editors of profit and not-for-profit publications. Additionally, in keeping with the wide breadth of the book, Smith provides resources for how writers can get organized. He provides an extensive list of other resources throughout the book. These include everything from writers’ conference and organizations, to resources that can help writers find a suitable publication to fit the subject matter of their articles.”—David Owens, Book Reviewer, Technical Communication


Very highly recommended. —Midwest Book Review


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Part One – Time, Topics, and Resources

1 A Writer’s Time, Place, and Tools

2 Finding Topics and Venues for Publication

3 Journals, the Internet, and Surveys As Resources

Part One presents options for preparing yourself and your space for your craft. The writer is given suggestions for finding topics as well as for locating venues appropriate to their articles. Various resources for writing also are addressed.

Part Two – Getting the Job and Doing It

4 Purpose and Types of Writing

5 Writing Vocations

6 Communicating With the Publication’s Editors

Part Two discusses the purpose and types of writing, teaches writers about the various vocations available, and addresses the issue of communicating with a publication’s editors.

Part Three – Writing, Submitting, and Revising

7 Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

8 Submissions and Manuscript Tracking

9 Reviews, Revisions, and Decisions

Part Three leads the writer through the writing, editing, and proofreading stages while detailing specifics involved with submissions and manuscript tracking. This part also guides writers through reviews and revisions of their articles.

Part Four – Legalities, Compensation, and Help in Organizing

10 Contracts, Rights, Permissions, and Reprints

11 Payment and Fees

12 Help in Organizing

Part Four discusses the importance of rights, permissions, and reprints, and advises the writer on payment and fee issues. Finally, the writer is given suggestions on getting and staying organized, and a list of resources is provided.

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