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The information below provides details on ordering, discounts, and terms of purchase.

Order Form

For expeditious delivery, use the order form to order directly from Chatgris Press.


Standard discounts for registered wholesalers and bookstores is provided. For all others, the discount schedule for Chatgris Press books is listed below.

1–5 books = 0%

6–10 books = 20%

11–plus = 40%

Note that books also are distributed by wholesaler Ingram Book Group. Contact Ingram directly for standard discounts.


Chatgris Press books are not sold on consignment.

Terms of Purchase

q    All orders made directly to Chatgris Press must be prepaid by check (with visible account and routing numbers) payable in United States Dollars (USD) to Chatgris Press. (Credit card orders are not accepted.)

q    No discounts for orders of 10 count or fewer (unless ordered through Ingram).

q    Shipping cost is $7 per book for U.S. orders; add $1 for each additional book for shipments in the U.S. For express delivery, contact Chatgris Press for shipping charges, which normally begin at around $22 domestic (U.S.). For shipments outside the U.S., contact Chatgris Press for shipping charges or include $15 USD per book for shipping. Sales tax for Louisiana residents is 4 percent and for New Orleans residents is an additional 5 percent (total: 9%).

q    Orders often are filled within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

q    Orders are non-returnable except for registered wholesales.

q    All orders are shipped via United States Postal Service Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation or by Federal Express if requested and if an account number is provided.

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