Writing for Magazines


Writing for Magazines focuses on writing articles for periodical publication. Taught by veteran writer Gary Michael Smith, who has had hundreds of his articles published in dozens of technical/trade journals and magazines, students learn about subject exploration, appropriate periodical selection, advance query/writing on speculation, finding and following submission guidelines, topic research, article development, submission, revision, rights and reprints use, pay negotiation, and working with publications staff such as editors-in-chief, managing editors, and copyeditors.


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Schedule for the Summer 2011 Semester


Title: Writing for Magazines

Dates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, May 23, 25, 27, 2011

Times: 6 a.m.–8 p.m.

Where: Jefferson Parish

Registration: Pre-register by contacting Jefferson Parish Department of Parks and Recreation at 504-736-6999.

Tuition: Cost of this three-session course is $29, plus $16 for the recommended course text (purchased from the instructor the first day of class).

Materials Provided: A syllabus and List of Handouts, along with all handouts, are provided on a CD on the first day of class.

Course Text: Writing for Magazines and Trade Journals—Finding Them, Writing for Them, Getting Paid by ThemThis book may be purchased from the instructor on the first day of class, or purchased in advance from this site.