Book Publishing 101 teaches students the most efficient and cost-effective method for producing industry standard books. The course text Publishing for Small Press Runs is examined in-depth during the course, and more than 250 handouts are provided to include such vital publishing paperwork as the ISBN application, Library of Congress Copyright Office forms, and how to list in the important Books In Print catalog. An eye-opening list of small press publishing successes is presented at the beginning of the course, and sample procedures for processing book orders is discussed. Students also are given a publishing checklist and a publishing timetable to delineate the steps necessary to successfully publish and market books. Students also are provided with flowcharts for publishing using both manual hardcopy and digital processes.

Titles Published by Former Students


•    The Nightrider Chronicles, by Jack Peebles, Saturn Books (See

•    How to Prepare Your Preschooler for Harvard, by Marjorie Conatser, Streetcar Publishing (See

•    Facts and Fanciful Tales of the Crescent City, by Marjorie Conatser, Streetcar Publishing (See

•    Pegmatology: Pegmatite Mineralogy, Petrology and Petrogenesis, by Karen L. Webber (with William B. Simmons, Alexander U. Falster, James W. Nizamoff), Rubellite Press

•    The Tourmaline, by Augustus Choate Hamlin, MD (edited and compiled by Karen L. Webber, Raymond A. Sprague, and William Skip Simmons), Rubellite Press

•    A Child’s Cozy Corner Verses, by Lily Plep, Celebration Spirits

•    Spit/N/360 Degrees To the Mind, by Pearl Buckley, B.L.A.K. Pearl

•    Airborne Troop CarrierThree-One-Five Group, by William L. Brinson, Walka Books (published by George F. Cholewczynski)

•    The Holland PatchThe 2nd Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment at Arnhem, by Simon Haines, Walka Books (published by George F. Cholewczynski)

•    The Road Between Dreams and Reality, by T. Philip Washington, Passageway Publications, LLC

•    Conversational Spanish for Business and Home, by Beatriz Saigal, Rayo de Sol

•    Song of the Seven Sisters, by Sonya Dee Sonne, Windlass Endeavors

•    A Look Into the Rear View Mirror, by Carolyn Noah Graetz, Magnolia2 Press

•    The Bartenders Beer Cookbook, by Paul Barbano

•    9/18-EBR-ZERO, by Andree Maduell, St. Charles Press


Others Who Have Used Publishing for Small Press Runs


•    Smiles From the Deep, by Carroll Devine, Calliope Publications/Sounds Devine

•    Soulful MakeOvers, by Mary M. Soniat and Karen Hafkesbring, Chapter ’n’ Verse Publishing


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Schedule for the Fall 2011 Semester


Course Number: 2003-01

Title: Book Publishing 101

Dates: Tuesday and Thursday, April 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 2012

Times: 6:15 p.m.–8:15 p.m.

Where: Destrehan

Registration: Pre-register by contacting St. Charles Parish Public Schools Community Education Department at 985-785-7268.

Tuition: Cost of this six-session course is $100 and includes the course text (provided by the instructor the first day of class).

Materials Provided: A syllabus and List of Handouts are provided on CD on the first day of class.

Course Text: Publishing for Small Press Runs—How to Print and Market from 20 to 200 Copies of Your Book.