Finding Your Dream Job


Finding Your Dream Job provides valuable guidance on how to effectively shape your career by creating the perfect résumé, tracking down the right job, and interviewing professionally to get the position you have always wanted. Finding Your Dream Job is designed for both those entering the workforce for the first time as well as professionals with years of work experience wanting to get a new job—or a new career. It guides job seekers through the résumé development process, job search tactics, and interviewing tricks. Students learn how to use a personal profile to develop a professional history as well as how to ask the right questions during an interview to ensure that you are a good match for the job. Inexperienced job seekers will learn how to find the job that is right for them, present their newly designed résumé tailored to the job, and conduct themselves face-to-face in the most professional manner. Experienced job seekers will gain more knowledge in redesigning their current résumé to be more effective, searching for jobs in venues of which they previously were unaware, and using their experience to look for red flags during an interview or to assure the interviewer that they are right for the job.


Using one of the latest books on job search tactics, you get such valuable instruction on:


•   What exactly is a professional history

•   Developing a Personal Profile template

•   Designing an effective yet user-friendly résumé

•   Compiling a list of references

•   Developing an appropriate cover letter

•   Various job search tools and how to use them

•   Job options available to the job seeker

•   Submitting your final résumé

•   Tips and tricks for interviewing effectively

•   What to do after the interview


Gary Michael Smith has held positions with such companies as Northrop Grumman, Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, and the American Heart Association. As a former résumé writing franchise manager, he has written hundreds of résumés for job seekers ranging from minimum wage hourly workers to six-figure salaried professionals. Mr. Smith has lectured to the staff of a New Orleans Employment Office for the Louisiana Department of Labor as well as university students on the topics of skillful résumé writing, methodical job seeking, and effective interviewing techniques.


Schedule for the Spring 2012 Semester


Course Number: 2019-01

Title: Finding Your Dream Job

Dates: Monday and Wednesday, April 23, 25, 2012

Times: 6:15 p.m.–8:15 p.m.

Where: Destrehan

Registration: Pre-register by contacting St. Charles Parish Public Schools Community Education Department at 985-785-7268.

Tuition: Cost of this two-session course is $75 and includes the course text (provided by the instructor on the first day of class).

Course Text: Gainfully Employed—A Guide to Resume Writing, Job Hunting, and Effective Interviewing.