Working in the TV and film industry


Lights! Camera! Action! Ever wanted to work in the television or film industry? Now痴 your chance! Working in the Film Industry teaches students how to get work as cast or crew. This course is taught by Gary Michael Smith (IMDB) who has appeared in numerous major motion pictures and made-for-TV movies, and has worked with casting companies to cast hundreds of movie extras for major films. He also has contributed a number of articles to online and print film magazines on television and film industry topics.


Working in the TV and Film Industry teaches students how to make the contacts to find jobs as cast or crew. In Working in the TV and Film Industry you値l learn about open casting calls as well as how to find and apply directly with casting companies. You値l find out about acting classes and what they offer. You値l also learn about talent agents and headshots, and whether or not you need them, and you値l be given advice on getting speaking roles and the impact to you as a budding film star. You値l even be given information on working for casting directors as well as working with production companies as a production assistant. Numerous local and state resources will be provided as well as general information on the film and television industry as a whole.


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Schedule for the Spring 2012 Semester


Course Number: 2005-01

Title: Working in the Film Industry

Dates: Monday and Wednesday, April 16, 18, 2012

Times: 6:15 p.M.8:15 p.M.

Where: Destrehan

Registration: Pre-register by contacting St. Charles Parish Public Schools Community Education Department at 985-785-7268.

Tuition: Cost of this two-session course is $75 and includes the course text (provided by the instructor on the first day of class).

Materials Provided: Various handouts and guidance to other resources will be provided.

Course Text: Movie Extra 101Your Shortcut to Stardom.