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Gary Michael Smith has created a number of blogs for nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and individuals. These blogs are developed as marketing tools, creating an online presence, instead of as communication devices. In most cases, the commenting functions have been disabled or hidden. Below is a sample of some of Mr. Smith's blogs.


- Amelie's Culinary Arts


- Animal Rescue New Orleans


- Café au Clay


- Carrollton Area Network


- Carrollton Jewelry Shop


- Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association


- Dante Street Diaries


- Dean Shapiro


- Dean Shapiro's The Eleventh Commandment


- Reina Gallery


- Italian Class with Jimmy


- Lara Wessel


- Masque Powers


- MetalXWorks


- New Orleans Citizen Participation Program


- New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival


- Oak Street Association


- Oak Street Shoes


- O'Niell Investigations


- Queen of the Ball


- Ronald Neeld


- Sabina's Art