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No publishing house can produce works of any quality without a competent and talented team of professionals behind every title. Chatgris Press has been fortunate to be availed the expertise of a number of skilled professionals.


Cile Bailey, photographer

Cile Bailey, born and raised in New Orleans, began her art career selling photography and oil paintings in the French Quarter during the 1960s. She won numerous awards and was published in a local magazine. Invited to exhibit in the Louisiana State Capitol, she hung both documentary black and white photography along with color portraits. Later, she participated in an exhibit at the New Orleans International Trade Mart and more recently at the Superdome in New Orleans. Moving to the Northshore of New Orleans, Ms. Bailey resides in the art community of Covington, LA where she has gallery representation. She is a member of the St. Tammany Art Association and has won juried exhibitions. In Colorado, Ms. Bailey won a cash award in a national juried show, and on her trip in the West, she was reviewed by the renowned curator of the Los Angeles Museum of Art. After returning home, she exhibited with other professional photographers at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Locally, you can find Ms. Baileys art in the New Orleans French Quarter at the Quarter Moon Gallery on Royal Street, and in Covington at the Arts and Frames Gallery on Columbia Street. Note that Ms. Bailey also is the publisher's headshot photographer.






Peggy A. Borel, cover artist

Peggy A. Borel is a writer and artist, and is a member of Bayou Writers Group of Lake Charles and Romance Writers Community Critique Group. She is a graduate of Thomas College in Waterville, ME, and has attended numerous writing classes through McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA. Her short story titled Lucky Seven, voted a winner by Purple Pen Editing, home of The Whisper Stories, is to be published in a book of anthologies. Ms. Borel currently paints and writes in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands where she telecommutes to the mainland. Life’s rough.






Holden Brown, cover artist

Holden Brown has been working since before he was legally able to. Having designed a complicated and in-depth PowerPoint presentation for a major telecommunications company at the age of 15, he replied with, "No problem" when thanked profusely by the corporation. The company paid him in kind with an expensive briefcase that he promptly offered to his mother, who told him, "No honey, you hang on to it. You're going to need it one day." And it looks as if that day is here. Mr. Brown has renown as an accomplished graphic designer, musician, and award-winning independent filmmaker.





Paul Cassou, J.D., legal counsel






Julia Cates, logo designer

Julia Cates and I met at a chance encounter more than a decade ago at a technical writing conference held at the luxurious Anatoles Hotel in Dallas, TX. After pumping quarters into the fish food bubble gum dispensers, we dropped the nuggets into open mouths bobbing in coy ponds. Ms. Cates was a technical writer for the Brookings Institution at this time and has since flourished as a successful artist and multimedia designer. Her shows and exhibits range from Maryland to New Zealand, Mexico to France. Besides having designed the colophon for Chatgris Press, her artwork adorns many walls of the publishing house, and one of my most prized art possessions is her rendition of the ISBN assigned to Chatgris Press's first title.






Carol Smith Cox, reviewer








Norma Eiman, reviewer, Foreword author

As an officer with the International Association for Human Resources Information Management, Norma Eiman was most generous with her time in reviewing the text for Gainfully Employed. Ms. Eiman's review was thoughtful and inspiring, and we at Chatgris Press can only hope that she is able to review other books in the future.










Brenda Floyd, reviewer

Brenda Floyd had athletic beginnings, first as a gymnast when her father owned a gymnastics company in Natchez, MS, then as one of the founding members of the soccer team for the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. Although she loves biking, running, and photography, she also has much interest in medicine and cuisine—she possesses both a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a registered nurse, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Science. Ms. Floyd also gardens for flowers, citrus, and herbs, and also throws a wild party.






Peggy Fuller, J.D., legal counsel

Peggy Fuller has Southern Gothic roots, having grown up in a small town in rural Virginia. She received her B.A. in Classics and Comparative Literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is an avid Tar Heel basketball fan. She attended Loyola University of New Orleans School of Law where she was a member of the Law Review. She currently practices public interest law in Austin, Texas after having practiced law for a number of years in New Orleans. She is a member of the State Bars of Louisiana and Texas, as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia. She also has an interest in the film industry, having studied film production at the University of New Orleans. Her interests include films and filmmaking, fiction, pottery, live music, swimming, travel, dining, and hanging out. She lives with two precious beagles, Festus and Clementine, in both Austin and New Orleans.





Timothee Hammond, reviewer, Foreword author

When I got back into the film business in 2005, it was exactly 10 years to the month. And the first company to hire me was a casting outfit titled Louisiana Casting Database. Tim Hammond and Liz Coulon started this endeavor with the education gained from the University of New Orleans film program. Mr. Hammond and Ms. Coulon were rewarded with a number of high-profile feature-length films, and were perhaps the first extras casting company to offer background actors the availability to post detailed film-style resumes on their website. It only seemed appropriate that Mr. Hammond write the foreword to Movie Extra 101.







Lamont Ingalls, substantive editor and copyeditor

Lamont Ingalls is a freeborn Southern man who has wandered from the Everglades to Fairbanks with spousal companion, Amelia, and doggirl, Carson McCullers, sharing the many miles and long vistas. He grew up in the wooded hills north of Nashville but lived for nearly 20 years in New Orleans. He also homesteaded for several seasons in the Cumberland Plateau and in Washington, DC. Mr. Ingalls has edited many non-fiction works for Chatgris Press, Wild Dog Press, and others, and written engineering and software documents for clients from New Orleans to Cape Canaveral to the District of Columbia. He prefers reading the poetry of the ancient dharma hermits of China and Japan, and the fictive West of Cormac McCarthy. He has degrees from the University of Tennessee and Tulane University.





Jimmy Mitchell, acquisitions

Jimmy Mannuccia Mitchell lived in Italy on and off for a number of years. This was made convenient by the fact that his mother is from Barcelona, Sicily, and he still has a bevy of relatives in Florence in the Tuscany region and Perugia in Umbria. Mr. Mitchell has a Bachelor of Arts in Italian and philosophy from Tulane University in New Orleans and, as first-generation Italian, possesses a mastery of formal training and conversational technique in the Italian language. Other talents include musical expertise in flute, piano, and guitar and he also has a diverse background in sales. He has a tour guide license for the city of New Orleans and also teaches Italian language classes.







Ronald Neeld, Ph.D., substantive editor and copyeditor, grammarian

Ronald Neeld has a diverse background in psychology, linguistics, and computer science. He received a BA cum laude in psychology from the University of New Orleans; an MA in linguistics from the University of Illinois; and a PhD in linguistics from The Ohio State University, where he also served on the faculty. His papers on linguistics have been published in academic journals such as Language and Glossa. Dr. Neeld held a fellowship in computer science at Tulane University and was a faculty member in computer science at the University of New Orleans. He maintains an interest in psychology, and is an active member of the C.G. Jung Society of New Orleans. He has worked in the field of Information Technology in the corporate sector as a software developer and systems analyst, specializing in database management systems, and also has worked as a technical writer with such companies as Lockheed, BCP Engineering, and CapitalOne Bank. Dr. Neeld also is the developer of the ManuTrax editorial management software, which is in use at a variety of academic journals. His personal interests include science, literature, and music, and he sings and plays guitar, with a special interest in roots-oriented music such as folk, blues, and R&B.




Steve O'Keefe, marketing, public relations, online promotion

Steve O'Keefe is an important early pioneer of the effort to develop the commercial potential of the World Wide Web beginning with being one of the first people to publicize and sell books on the Internet. Jeff Bezos, founder of, approached him for advice when he was formulating the concept behind what was to become the world’s largest eCommerce site. In 1996 and again in 2002, John Wiley & Sons published Mr. O’Keefe’s first book “Publicity on the Internet (second edition titled A Complete Guide to Internet Publicity), one of the first professional guides to online marketing and the first specifically on the subject of promoting books. In 2001, Mr. O’Keefe founded Patron Saint Productions, a New Orleans-based online publicity firm. He also is one of the founders of the International Association of Online Communicators and is a faculty member at Tulane University. In 2004, he began AuthorViews, the pioneering effort to put video of authors talking about their books online. Several videos of Chatgris Press titles are available for viewing online thanks to Mr. O’Keefe’s efforts.




Dean Shapiro, copy editor, Foreword author

Dean M. Shapiro is a New Orleans-based freelance writer and journalist with close to 40 years of experience in his field. He is also a publicist, copyeditor, and author with four published books and more than 1,500 newspaper, magazine, and web articles to his credit. His career as a journalist dates back to the late 1960s when, as a sophomore in college, he reported award-winning stories from the anti-war protests in Washington, D.C. Mr. Shapiro co-authored The Blood Covenant with Rena Chynoweth, one of the 13 wives of polygamist cult leader Ervil LeBaron. Nicknamed the “Mormon Manson,” LeBaron ordered the murders of 2 dozen people, including members of his own family. The book, released by Diamond Books/Eakin Press, was the subject of a 1993 CBS made-for-TV movie, Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story starring Brian Dennehy, William Devane, and Tracey Needham. Mr. Shapiro also co-authored the novelization of the critically acclaimed feature film, Belizaire the Cajun, a work of fiction set on the bayous of southern Louisiana in 1859. The novel, co-written with the films director Glen Pitre, was published in hardcover and trade paperback by Pelican Publishing Company of New Orleans in 1988. His third book, Blondin, is a biography of the first man ever to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope in the mid-19th century. It was published by Vanwell Publishing Ltd. of St. Catherines, Ontario in 1990. His fourth book, The Eleventh Commandment, a suspense novel, was published in 2008 by PublishAmerica of Baltimore. He also has been contracted to write essays and biographies for several junior and senior high school history and geography textbooks in recent years. Mr. Shapiro is the author of 10 screenplays and he ghostwrote Mackie Shilstones Body Plan for Kids, due to be published in the spring of 2009 by Basic Media of Laguna Beach, CA. Mr. Shapiro teaches writing classes at the University of New Orleans and writes regularly for several New Orleans-area publications and websites.



Christy Soto, cover designer

Christy Soto completed her Bachelor of Arts in English/Writing with more than 50 publications and six produced theatrical plays to her credit. She also hosted an eclectic radio show as disc jockey for 6 years. Ms. Soto followed her dreams of seeing the world when she and her child, Athen, moved to New Orleans to attend graduate-level film school. Her focus was screenwriting and playwriting. Her surreal drama, Good Enough Girl, was produced in New Orleans hot spot, Le Chat Noir theatre. In 3 years, she penned six feature-length screenplays, and one short intended student production. With the intention to some day move to Los Angeles, Ms. Soto sought film industry insight and learned pitching techniques from several L.A.-based screenwriting workshops, which eventually landed her television and movie work. In 2002, Ms. Soto self published her previously published works into a volume of poetry and photography called, These are the Rooms to my Mother’s House. The book made its debut at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Shortly after that, she was the sole photographer for a start-up anthropological webzine that featured the native Queen Charlotte Island Haida Indians. Today, she has more than 1,000 travel, event, and unconventional works of photography. She currently is working on a coffee table book, The Saddest Party on Earth—a photo journal of the first Mardi Gras post-Hurricane Katrina. Throughout her elementary, junior high, high school, and college years she sang in many advanced choir groups. In New Orleans, a town known for its music, Ms. Soto was a singer and songwriter in two bands, and at Voodoofest 2004, Ms. Soto went solo producing electronic music under the moniker “Vinylux.” Prior to Katrina, Ms. Soto was photographing, interviewing, and doing layout for A New Orleans Tour Guide for Hip Parents. NOTGHP showcased a family-friendly New Orleans with activities and historical facts. She now is at work on a book of autobiographical travel humor, Happily Ever Aftermath. Comprising more than 300 pages, this full color book dubbed the ill-conceived travels of an unwed mother documents adventures from Germany to Alaska to Thailand. In 2007 Ms. Soto incorporated Vinylux Productions where she holds her ghostwriting business, Ghostwriter’s Ink and her graphic design business, XY DESIGN. She also is a founding member of the company Optilux Design Firm.


Jack Stanovich, copy editor, grammarian

Jack Stanovich is a lifelong resident of New Orleans. With a Bachelor of Arts in Government, he is a formidable force to be reckoned with regarding political discussions. Mr. Stanovich began his technical career as a field surveyor, performing the layout of roads, pipelines, and foundations for industrial structures. His technical writing/editing career began on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in 1978, and he currently develops technical documentation on a consulting basis. Mr. Stanovich’s personal interests include English literature, grammar, world history, government, and historical and contemporary politics. I consider myself humbled to have played guitar with him, although his classical expertise far outweighs mine. Also, he has a photographic memory.




Thom Bennett, technical content editor, Foreword author, photographer

Thom Bennett is a New Orleans-based photographer whose photographs of people, objects of art, products, and the built environment are rooted in the classical tradition of composition, lighting, expression, and design. In each photograph he strives to tell a compelling story within the context of two dimensional space. His work has appeared in New Orleans Magazine, BIZ Magazine, New Orleans Homes & Lifestyles, Restaurateur, ByFaith, Homes & Land, Kingfish, City Business, and Oliver Stone’s “JFK.” Thom’s fine art photographs have been exhibited throughout the Southeast, including the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans; WORKPLAY, Birmingham, AL; The University of Arkansas, Conway, AR; Delta State University, Cleveland, MS; The New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans, LA.; The Darkroom, New Orleans, LA; and The New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery.







Gary Michael Smith, author, editor, publisher, photojournalist

Gary Michael Smith has more than 20 years of experience as an author and editor, having published 12 books. He also has contributed hundreds of articles for dozens of magazines and trade journals, serving as columnist and contributor for such publications as Cat Fancy, Urban Dog, The Editorial Eye, and Louisiana Film and Video Magazine. Mr. Smith began as a technical writer more than 2 decades ago, working for such firms as Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, CACI, and Northrop Grumman, and eventually serving as president for the local chapter of the international organization Society for Technical Communication. While working on his MFA in Television Video and Film Production, he worked stints as camera operator and floor director for local television stations. But he never lost sight of his writing, eventually transitioning into developing trade and technical books through his brand Chatgris Press. Mr. Smith enjoys sharing his knowledge, teaching as many as 11 night courses for the University of New Orleans and the St. Charles Parish School District. Additionally, he has given many lectures and presentations at writing and technical conferences and professional meetings, and has granted numerous radio, television, and print interviews. He also has produced a number of monologues for theatrical production. Having served as the former managing editor of the American Heart Association scientific journal Hypertension, Mr. Smith discovered his love of periodical management. He launched The Veranda literary journal of creative nonfiction in 1998 and also served as editor-in-chief of the film magazine Shutter. Currently, he's the New Orleans Special Assignment Editor for the Louisiana Film and Video Magazine. As author, he pioneered such books as The Peer-Reviewed Journal on scientific journal management, perhaps the only book in existence on driving etiquette, another on professional organization development and management, and a cutting-edge text on using digital processes for short pressrun printing. Other texts include topics of working in the film industry, the history of coffee and coffeehouses, advanced grammar and writing, writing for publication in magazines and trade journals, and his latest book on photography. Mr. Smith also enjoys working in the film industry, having helped to cast several feature films and appearing in 19 made-for-TV movies, feature films, a cooking show, and the pilot of a reality series. He currently serves on a number of boards of directors and committees, and has won awards for writing and organizational development.