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Chatgris (Shă grē) PressCajun French for gray catis a publishing company based in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in unique titles often for which limited literature exists. Current products include historical texts and nonfiction guidebooks on topics of periodical (magazine/journal) management, advanced writing skills, writing for magazines and trade journals, book publishing, print on demand and point of purchase book manufacturing, driving safety, coffee and coffeehouse history, professional organization development, working in the film industry, complaint resolution and consumer protection, employment and job-search techniques, and guided meditation. This site contains the latest titles available from Chatgris Press. Select Books or download the brochure for information on these titles. Or, download the order form to place your order. Currently, all books are available from select bookstores, by special order from your favorite bookstore, and directly from the publisher. Note: No new titles are being accepted for consideration at this time.


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